About Us

A multi-purpose covers band, we have years of experience of playing events of all shapes and sizes, including weddings, corporate functions and birthday parties.

We most commonly perform as 4-piece (guitars, bass, drums and singing) but can happily adapt to suit your event and budget to perform as a trio, duo or solo act.

All lifelong students of music, our years of playing together mean that we can instinctively react to the mood of the event and get people onto the dance floor.

We are fully insured for public and product liability and have all of our equipment annually PAT tested.
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Meet the Band

Lee Schofield

Long Players Covers Band Lee

Lee sings most of the lead vocals and plays lead guitar. He’s been obsessive about music ever since his dad taught him his first few chords on a cronky old acoustic, aged 5. When not being a Long Player, he also writes and records his own material (see his website) and looks after a chunk of the Lake District for the RSPB.

Harry Smallwood

Long Players Covers Band Harry

Harry plays rhythm guitar, sings backing vocals and some lead vocals. He writes and records his own material under the moniker of Emil Sparkes, cooks fine food and blogs about it, makes cartoons and writes film scores. Have a goose at emilsparkes.co.uk to get an insight into his copiously creative mind.

Jamie deakin

Long Players Covers Band Jamie

As the drummer, Jamie is the backbone of the Long Players, driving us all forward and keeping everyone dancing. Jamie and Harry grew up playing in bands together and the musical instinct they share helps the whole band to react to the mood of the evening. Jamie holds a degree in music and teaches drumming in and around Leeds.

Dan potts

Long Players Covers Band Dan

Dan is the most musical of us, his rock solid bass playing only giving the smallest hint of the creative genius that lies within. He composes film scores, writes critical reviews of fine art exhibitions, plays very fine piano and lends his sonorous baritone voice to several operatic groups. see www.danpotts.co.uk. He sports very rock & roll glasses.