Here’s Johnny!

Another new video. This time, our take on Chuck Berry’s all time classic, Johnny B. Goode

Filmed and produced by our good friend Richie Lattin of

We are huge fans of Chuck Berry (God rest his soul) in the Long Players, enthusiasm shared by the aliens in this little Chuck anecdote from the 70’s

Steve Martin: A foreign planet actually SENT us a message last week. Next week, the government will reveal the message to the public.

Dan Aykroyd: [ coughing ] You see, it all started on August 20th, 1977, when NASA put up a recording of the sounds of Earth on Voyager I. A two-hour long tape included, uh, natural sounds of animals, a French poem by Gaugliere, a passage from the Koran in Arabic, messages from President Carter, United Nations Secretary Kurt Waldheim, music — everything from classical to Chuck Berry.

Laraine Newman: Uh — and you’re saying that the, uh — another civilization has found the tape?

Steve Martin: Yes. They’ve sent us a message that actually proves it. It may be just four simple words, but it is the FIRST positive proof that other intelligent beings inhabit the universe.

Laraine Newman: Uh — what are the four words, Cocuwa?

Steve Martin: The four words that came to us from outer space — the FOUR words that will appear on the cover of Time Magazine next week — are: [ he holds up the magazine” “Send More Chuck Berry”.